I am available for consultation regarding both personal and professional matters in the workplace. I am experienced in offering clinical assistance to a variety of organizational genres with a focus on employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, and overall efficiency. I provide assessments and assistance in managing and providing maintenance regarding mental illness and stress in the workplace. I am located in Asheville, NC. and am available for onsite trainings around the country.

  • Work Related Stress Evaluations - Sometimes, individuals working for a system are hesitant to disclose stressors directly to their sources of management. An independent evaluation of work-related stress can assist employers to recognize overall areas of struggle for their workforce. I offer both quantitative and qualitative evaluations to determine the level of workplace-related satisfaction and specific areas of dissatisfaction. This information can be used for both individual interventions, as well as to assist with company policy and strategies. In addition, it empowers the workforce to feel able to speak freely, knowing that management is concerned about their overall well-being.

  • Trainings for Management - Supervising an individual with a mental health concern can pose various challenges. It is often that these individuals are misunderstood and therefore mistreated by management. In addition, typical management styles may trigger mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Through educating management on how to best assess and manage specific mental health scenarios, the worker can feel supported and thereby put forth their best effort, and supervisor can feel adequately equipped and educated, supporting staff and maintaining structure and safety for all. Trainings for management include an overview of mental health issues, specific behaviors and concerns of the impaired professional, and inform management on how to best supervise these individuals.

  • Educational Materials - I am able to tailor educational materials and handouts to the specific work setting and issues that need to be addressed. Providing information to both the worker and to management, the two parties can best come together to create the most effective and productive atmosphere. Many workers suffer from mental illness in silence. Through providing educational material to the workforce, they may be able to better understand themselves and obtain the help they need.