I provide comprehensive assessments meant to assess current symptoms and inform treatment interventions. Assessments include (but is not limited to) information based on observation, self-report, subjective and objective assessments, and collateral sources. Evaluations can be as extensive as the individual / referral source requires. All evaluations are tailored to the referral issue and include specific recommendations.

Evaluation procedures are meant to provide an overall picture of the individual as well as his or her environment. Detailed information and recommendations can be used for future planning and intervention. I am also available for consulting to assist with any interventions or treatment.

Types of assessments include:

  • Profession Related Psychosocial Evaluation - This evaluation is typically used when problems arise in professional situations which may be related to stress or underlying issues. Reports include comprehensive information to determine any necessary level of intervention. These assessments will also provide information as to whether or not the individual can continue to practice in his or her capacity with reasonable skill and safety.

  • Substance Abuse Specific Assessments - This evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment of history and symptoms related to substance abuse. Results may inform levels of treatment and provide a guide for interventions. Reports include severity of issues related to substance abuse, confounding factors, and specific recommendations. Note: These are general assessments for those who need intervention or more individualized treatment. I am not a provider of DWI assessments in North Carolina.

  • Mental Health Assessment - This evaluation is meant to provide an overview of concerns related to mental health and other psychosocial issues. This assessment is often used to assess level of impairment, confirm diagnosis, and provide specific recommendations. Clients / referral sources often utilize this evaluation to enhance treatment success. By providing an accurate picture, the client can obtain the specific care he or she needs.

  • Trauma Specific Assessments - This evaluation uses objective and subjective measures to assess trauma exposure, responses, and current symptomatology. This can be used to provide a more accurate description of the influence of traumatic responses on a variety of issues. This assessment also explores areas related to mental health and well being.

Referral sources include:
  • Employers
  • Substance abuse / mental health facilities
  • Treatment providers
  • Family members
  • Attorneys

Note: I personally conduct all reports. However, external resources may be utilized to interpret certain types of testing and measures. This is done only with informed consent and maintains the anonymity of the client.